Title: Yellow, Volume 02

Author: Makoto Tateno

ISBN: 9781569709511
Pages: 200
Description: Once again Tateno brings us mounting tension liberally laced with humor as Taki and Goh negotiate the drug world’s underbelly, this time starting with a seedy nightclub that’s harboring a missing drug stash. In this story, the action is outweighed by the intelligence of and superlative teamwork between the two main characters. New factors are introduced by way of new characters called Kanji and Kei. Upbeat and spirited, Kanji presents a farcical element since he’s always crashing through doors and interrupting the attempted amorous tête-à-têtes between Taki and Goh. Kei’s involvement is more serious, since he functions as a betrayer, and, therefore, there is friction that heightens the drama. The stress of their profession is never too far away and the author ups the ante by increasing the physical danger. More of Goh’s past is revealed. While Taki remains a bit of cipher, he appears to be warming up to Goh. Future chapters will no doubt show if their affair will ever advance.

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